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about rga

Research Guide Africa (RGA) is a personalized Market and Social Research agency that focuses on Quality assured primary data collection using both qualitative and quantitative methods. We are engaged in action focused output that is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We offer approaches that have been localized and take cognizance of the local norms that could influence responses. We are a full-service research agency answering questions about markets, consumers and lifestyles. We specialize in the inventory, collection, and analysis of primary research. We distinguish ourselves from other commercial research agencies in our project management structure; the very experienced top management is involved in the day-to-day study execution given that only a few projects are fielded at any one given time. Their inputs into tool design, interviewer training, piloting, fielding and data management greatly improves efficiencies and quality of data. The agency has its head office based in Nairobi Kenya. While we are headquartered in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi our outlook is decidedly African. The firm maintains highly trained field teams in Kenya and in the region, some of whom we engage in the on-going trackers and longitudinal studies. RGA brings together skilled and experienced researchers who are passionate about research and understand the unique pressures and constraints faced by the end users of our research findings.



To deliver high quality information at the right time that guides our partners in truly understanding their beneficiaries, audiences, clients and other stakeholders.


To be the most preferred social research agency in Eastern and Central Africa.

Our Approach

Research Guide Africa has high-quality methods to deliver rich, robust and trustworthy insight whilst being fast and focused. Every request and every client is unique; we critically evaluate your research needs and provide advice on the appropriate project design, research techniques and sample sizes that best meet your research needs.This balance ensures customers and their needs are integral to product and service creation.For each insight challenge, we’ve built and blended proven solutions, based on 15+ years of research experience, with the latest strategic product and design thinking.We triangulate the type of analysis required, the budget available and the timelines to offer a realistic and effective approach that truly reflects our understanding of our local markets.
We strive to help our clients to:
• Access high quality information at the right time.
• Measure effectiveness and demonstrate accountability.
• Listen and understand beneficiaries, target audiences, clients and stakeholders.
• Increase staff, customer, client and stakeholder satisfaction.

A Valued Relationship

Research Guide Africa uses research to help public and private sector players be it NGOs, individual consultants, government agencies, achieve social economic goals. We offer a flexible and consultative combination of benefits using a wide range of localized study approaches that enable our clients listen and understand their markets, Customers, Staff and beneficiaries, in order to improve the quality of decision making. Our company has a hands-on orientation which is reflected by our commitment to undertake extensive primary research to guarantee solid basis for decisions making.