Products & Services

• Sample design and sample allocation across the • administrative units • Questionnaire design and/or localization • Questionnaire translation and back translation • Field team set up • Team training • Piloting • Fieldwork management

• Recruitment questionnaire
• Respondent screening
• Guide development/localization and translations
• Simultaneous translations
• Video recording (if necessary) /photographs Respondent incentives
• Client transport logistics

• Simultaneous viewing through video link
• Audio recording
• Transcribing and translations
• Respondent incentives
• Project logistics
• Grids for analysis
• Analysis and reporting

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Research Guide Africa (RGA) is a distinctive Social Research agency based inKenya. We offer qualitative and quantitative research methods that have been localized and take cognizance of the local norms that could influence responses. View more →

Every request and every client is unique; we critically evaluate your research needs and provide advice on the appropriate project design, research techniques and sample sizes that best meet your research needs….. View more →

RGA uses research to help public sector players be it NGOs, individual consultants, government agencies achieve social goals. We offera flexible and consultative combination of benefits using a wide range of localized study approaches View more →


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